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The Northern Lights with Creative Vacations

Creative Vacations: Learning to take the best Northern Lights photos

We invite you and your camera to a nightly excursion in search of the Northern Lighs.
We provide to-the-point camera instructions to capture those frail rays, and then we take you to the best Northern Lights locations in the area. Available for small groups only, this excursion caters for
beginners as well as intermediate and advanced amateur photographers.

In brief:

  • Duration 8 hours, but normally a bit longer, just when the chances are at their biggest
  • To the point-instruction by a professional photographer
  • Hot meal, hot drinks, warm clothes
  • Plenty of time under the open sky, we will not miss anything up there!
  • Make this your first Northern Lights tour in Tromsø, you will benefit from it on all the later tours!
  • We take a photo of you with the Northern Lights in the background for free.

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