Frequently Asked Questions


-When is the best time to see Northern Lights?

Northern lights can be seen from early September to early April. We run tours from October 1st to March 31st.

All months can be very good, and all months can be very challenging. Solar activity and weather are both very unpredictable, so you cannot plan long time ahead which dates that will be good. The most important for you if you want to see good northern lights, is to have enough days in Tromso and, try your luck several nights. The weather can change fast here. Both weather forecast and Aurora forecast are known to be wrong very often. 


-Which language(s) do your guides speak?

English, French, Spanish and Norwegian

-How long will the tour take?

 7 – 10 hours. Depending on the weather and the Aurora. And yes we can drive  to Sweden or Finland if we need to do it.


Do I need to bring my passport?

Yes, bring your passport or, if you are a residence of the EU another valid ID.

We frequently cross the border into Finland and sometimes Sweden. Although we have never ever been stopped and checked for this but, you never know. It is mandatory. We also recommend that if you are a resident of the EU,  you carry your European Health Insurance Card at all times. 


Will there be toilets?


Yes, there will be toilets. Sometimes they will be few and far between so make sure you go when you have the chance.


-What level of experience do I need for the photo tour? 

All levels of experience are welcome. Any camera type is fine for the day tour. For the night tour is better to have a DSLR camera and a tripod.


Can I take video of the Aurora?

Most cameras and camcorders cannot do that. Chances are that if you even ask this question your camera cannot do it. You will need an ISO of 25600. If you don’t know what that means, it’s a sign that your camera probably can’t take video of the Aurora.


Can my camera take photos of the Aurora?

Most cameras can do it. If you have a manual exposure mode and, can take photos with a long shutter speed (10 to 30 seconds) and a high ISO (800 to 3200) at the same time. Then it should not be a problem. 


Can I take pictures of the Aurora with my phone?

The technology in smart phones changes rapidly. Under some conditions, full moon and strong Aurora, some smart phones manage to take photos. We do not recommend it. Even if the photos look good on the screen on the phone, it may not look so good on a larger screen and on a printed page. 


Can I borrow a tripod?

Yes, you can. Free of charge.


-Do you guarantee that we will see the northern lights?

We don't guarantee that you will see the northern lights because this phenomenon occurs according to the solar wind and geomagnetic field. Some weeks, you are treated to fantastic displays, repeated several times during the evening. Other times, the snow falls densely, or the northern lights simply stay away. Naturally, the longer you stay and the more time you set aside, the better the odds. We will do our best to take you to a location with the clearest sky on a beautiful location during our tours.


-Do we get our money back if we do not see the Northern Lights?

No, you do not get your money back. It is part of the game and magic from the Northern Light.


Do I get a discount If I book several activities?

Yes, if you book more the 3 tours via e-mail. If you book via another operator or company or any other way than e-mail it is out of our control and we cannot give you a discount. You have to send us an e-mail!


-Can I cancel the tour ?

Yes, you can. If you cancel 7 days before the tour you will get a full refund. If you cancel later than that you are not entitled a refund. If you or a family member gets sick, you have to be covered by your own travel insurance. 


-Can I book northern lights trip several days, and If lucky to see good lights the first day(s) cancel all following days?

No, we ask you not to do that.
It will not be fair to others we have to say no to if you book more days than you actually plan to join. Neither if then you decide to cancel some trips last minute since you have seen enough northern lights the first day(s).
It creates chaos to us, since we then need to spend hours trying to find others to take your seat(s), and maybe we even need to rearrange vehicles and guides.
We hope people join the trips they have booked. There will always be a new experience no matter what. The northern lights will never be the same. It can be different colors, different shapes, different brightness and very different pictures.) We also drive to different locations so that your photos will be different. 


-Do you ever cancel any trips?

If the conditions on the road are dangerous due to storm, avalanche risk, or extreme ice on roads and, that the chances of seeing the Aurora are very small we can choose to cancel. In these cases you will get a full refund.

-Are your tours family friendly?

The Blue Day Tour is good for kids. We stop several places and there are often possibilities to play in the snow. Please let us know if you will need special kids seats in the van. 

The Aurora Photo Tour is not recommended for kids. We often have to drive far and stay out for a longer time. Since it is a photo tour, we sometimes walk a little bit away from the van.



-What to wear?