Terms and conditions

Creative Vacations


When booking a tour with Creative Vacations you accept the following terms and conditions:


Refunds and Cancellation

You are not entitled a refund or a rebate if we do not see the Aurora Borealis.

If you are more than 15 minutes late without telling us, you lose your seat and you are not entitled a refund.

If you for some reason cannot or don’t want to participate on a tour that you have booked you have the possibility to cancel. 

If you cancel 7 days before the tour you will receive a full refund minus a few fees. The fees will weary depending on how you did the booking. For the most part it is less than 3%. 

If you cancel later than 7 days before the tour, you will not receive any refund. 

It is important that you have your own travel insurance in case you or a family member get sick just before the tour. 

If you book via another company or operator they may have different rules for cancellations. 

Creative Vacations can cancel a tour if there are technical issues with any of our equipment.

If the weather is very difficult or dangerous Creative Vacations can choose to cancel the tour. If we cancel the tour you will get a full refund. We will do our best to reschedule your tour but, we cannot guarantee that there will be any availability while you are in Tromsø. 

Sometimes the weather is challenging and we give the offer to the guests to cancel and get a full refund, or to try your luck and go for a tour in spite of the weather. You are not entitled a refund if we do not see the Aurora Borealis. 


Rebates: If you book 3 or more tours with us via e-mail you are entitled a rebate. If you book 3 tours and, later cancel some of the tours, you are not entitled a rebate anymore. If Creative Vacations cancels one of the tours due to bad weather, you are still entitled a rebate. If you book your tours via another company or operator or, another form than e-mail, you are not entitled a rebate.



Photos:When it is possible we will take photos of you with the Aurora in the background, free of charge. You will receive the photos via e-mail and/or Dropbox within a week. The photos are for private use only, unless something else is agreed on beforehand. The photos are copyrighted and you have to credit Creative Vacations if you put them up on social media. The photos are not for resale or to be used in any commercial way. Creative Vacations is the owner of the photos and can use them for marketing in any way we see fit. If you do not want a photo of you to be used by Creative Vacations you have to tell us before the tour via e-mail. 




Health: You are responsible for informing us of any medical issues and dietary needs that we need to know about. The tours are not physically straining and, we do our best to accommodate any special needs. But, in order to plan ahead and to prepare special food we need to know about it 2 days before the tour. 
Creative Vacations have the right to cancel a tour if we see that the guest is not fit to do the tour. In case of any such cancellation there will be a full refund. 


Insurance/liability: We do our very best to take care of everyone’s safety and well being. And, we expect every participant on every tour to respect the property of the other participants and to respect each other.

Creative Vacations is not responsible for any loss, damage, death, injury, lost flights or sickness due to circumstances out of our control like, change in weather, closed roads, cancelled or delayed flights, strikes, misbehavior of participants on our tours, lightnings and, super heroes, trolls or norse gods gone mad. 

You are responsible for the equipment lent or rented to you from Creative Vacations. If there is any damage on the equipment due to misuse or that could have been avoided you are responsible for the cost of replacing the equipment. In the case of damaged equipment, Creative Vacations will decide if it has been misused or, if it could have been avoided or not. 

Anyone participating in activities with Creative Vacations do it at their own risk. You have to have your own insurance and must follow instructions given by Creative Vacations


Pick-up and drop-off

Private tours: Pick-up and drop-off are at your place of choice. 

Day tours: Pick-up and drop-off are at the Radisson Blu hotel unless somewhere else is agreed beforehand. 

Aurora Photo Tour : Pick-up is at the Radisson Blu hotel unless somewhere else is agreed beforehand. Drop-off is at your hotel or private accommodation if it is within a 10km radius from Downtown Tromsø, between downtown and Håkøya or, between the last stop on the tour and Downtown. Please contact us if you are staying further away and we will see what we can arrange. 




Creative Vacations have thermal suits, winter boots, hats and mittens for you. We highly recommend that you use the suits and boots that we provide. We also recommend that you have your own mittens and hat and, that you wear woolen thermal underwear and a woolen sweater. For more information on how to dress please visit this blogpost.

Creative Vacations is not responsible if you get cold or have other issues due to not enough or wrong clothing for the conditions. 

If you chose not to use the thermal suit, you have to wear a high vis vest at all time.



Be nice!

Be nice to the other guests, the guide and the nature. Do not litter! Be respectful! Have fun!