Who are we?

We're two artists who love to share our passion.

Silvia & Vidar met while travelling in a small village in Chile many years ago. Enjoying each other’s company, they decided to start traveling together. For 10 years, they later settled in Montreal (Canada) where Silvia spent most of her youth and adult life. Fifteen years ago, they moved back to Vidar’s homeland Tromsø to share more beauty, landscape and discoveries. Today, Silvia&Vidar offer world travelers a unique friendly blend of professional creative guidance and deep knowledge of the area and Northern Lights.


northern lights photography



Vidar Dons Lindrupsen: A native of Tromsø, Vidar holds a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts and Photography from Concordia University (Montreal, Canada). Vidar works in press, portrait and studio photography. He also practices fine art photography, more specifically landscape and light work. Vidar teaches in Norwegian, English, Spanish and French (and possibly German?.. that would be entertaining :-) 

Vidar has a special love for hanging out at frozen beaches, telling fairytales about the Aurora and about the trolls. He sometimes goes into deep existential discussions with himself on which lens is the best to use.





Norway Tromso



Silvia Eliana Martínez: Born in Argentina, raised in Canada and living in Norway, Silvia is a female artist interested in the relationship between identity, art and territory. Trained in architecture, her practice is based in multimedia. It includes painting, photography, printmaking and installation work. She is involved in the local artist community. Silvia runs a printmaking studio voluntary in the artist center in Tromsø. There she holds workshops for local artists and residences. Every May there is an international artist in residence who works at the printmaking studio. Silvia has a passion for the light in Northern Norway. She loves getting in trouble by involving herself in chaotic art projects. 

www.silviaem.com and www.primaink.org